Happy Chanukkah!

I love December 20th. It’s the day before my birthday, which means that it’s officially, the longest day of the year.

What’s that you say? June 21st, the summer solstice, the direct opposite of my birthday, the winter solstice, is actually the longest day of the year?

I’m sorry, but you are mistaken.

While the summer solstice may be the day with the most hours of sunlight, in the time-space vortex that is my childlike mind, the hours preceeding the most holiest day of my year (That’s right, “most holiest,” say it with me.) are the longest. They stretch as if to say, “You sure you really made this entire lap around the sun? You sure you earned those presents and the Facebook messages you’re gonna get today? Ya been nice enough, lady? You done all those chores?”

This year, however, fate has taken pity on my inner child and has given her a beautiful distraction! The first night of Chanukkah!

So, today we will dig the chanukkeah (That’s the fancy Hebrew name for the chanukkah menorah.) out of the storage space, find some candles, and light 1 candle for the Maccabee children and give thanks that their light didn’t die! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I tell you, I love Decemberween.

I was worried a bit when Adam and I started dating since he was Catholic, and I was Jewish that we would have a hard time at the holidays, but since we just celebrate everything, we have a really good time. I hope we can find a dreidel while we’re out. The fact that Adam has played D&D and other dice-based games his whole life and never played a game of dreidel is a shame that must be fixed.

I hope everyone has a great 1st night, filled with latkes and gelt!

We’ve opted out of being paleo for the rest of the year because we have no self control, but knowing me, I’ll have a paleo latke recipe for you by the end of the week. ๐Ÿ™‚

2 thoughts on “Happy Chanukkah!

    • Hey! Always happy to get more delicious recipes for my readers. I’ve never had a guest poster before, but so long as we stay dairy, grain, and legume free, it should be good!

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