Ending Millenial Self-Hate.

Recently, there has been a lot of fury in the world. With Occupy Wall Street and We Are the 99%, there has been a lot of backlash from folks in denial who will not stand with their brothers and sisters. They don’t want to believe they’re not at the top.

It saddens me deeply that these people would rather stand with folks like Adam Carolla, whose very message of hate is one that is clearly borne out of an unwillingness to admit the very simple truth that in order for people to have jobs, there have to be jobs available to take. That’s what a nation’s unemployment rate is: the percentage of folks who don’t have jobs because there are no jobs available for them.

The reason the majority of the citizenry of the United States is angry is that the government has allowed the wealth of the nation to be taken out of the market by thieves who are not being prosecuted. It blows my mind that people still do not recognize this, especially people with shows in bigger media.

Yeah, I’m talking directly to you, Adam Carolla, you numbnuts jerk. I actually used to like you.

America got swindled and the middle class and poor people paid for it. And these people want to be able to pay taxes. They’re protesting because they don’t even have a living wage, let alone the ability to pay taxes, and yet they still labor. Have you been to Amazon Turk? People are doing work for less than minimum wage just to bring in extra money from home.

You only get to talk as big and as bad as you do because you’re comfortable, you big bully. Have you even taken a moment to see the actual numbers behind what they’re yelling about?

Take an hour and watch Elizabeth Warren’s Harvard lecture on the coming collapse of the middle class from 2005 – you can see how we were set up before I was even born. Because of that, yeah, I think we’re ENTITLED to a fair shake, or at least entitled to protest the bullshit that was thrown at us.

My generation was handed the short end of the stick, and it’s up to us to say, “Hey, fuck you old people! We deserve a proper stick. You had the stick, and you fucked it up!”

And if that means looking like dirty hippies for a while to make a difference, then that’s what we’ve gotta do. But you really ought to support us for having the guts to say, “This isn’t right. Bankers shouldn’t get away with fraud for free. This isn’t America the way it’s supposed to be.”

At least, we have integrity.

2 thoughts on “Ending Millenial Self-Hate.

  1. “That’s what a nation’s unemployment rate is: the percentage of folks who don’t have jobs because there are no jobs available for them.”

    An excellent point that’s not made often enough. The unemployment rate doesn’t count those who have given up looking and have fallen off the rolls. We’re talking about the unemployment rate of people who want to work. And in some areas it’s much worse than the national average. Very rural and very urban areas are in a world of hurt.

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