Happy Birthday, Boychick!!!

Today, my little brother turns 28! It is a wonderful age marked by absolutely nothing. We’re officially old enough that birthdays have become milestones to show that we made it to the next year — something incredibly important, which is often taken for granted by folks who do not have similar challenges in their path that folks like I do.

This is me and my super-awesome brother, Daniel, in August of last year. See how we’re both smiling? It’s because we’re at a sushi restaurant. 🙂 I love this crop because it makes him look tall and buff. He’s totally muscular, but not tons taller than me.

I am completely proud of my brother. Aside from having a big heart, he has a huge brain! It’s kind of staggering the amount of relevant legal knowledge he has when it comes to our current political climate. He got his undergrad degree from American University with a double major in International Relations and Finance, and he’s headed to Denver to get his legal masters degree in tax law starting in January. Apparently being a licensed attorney and broker and having your J.D. (from UC Davis) is just not enough to make you competitive in this day and age! He knows what to do to get the edge. 🙂 He may be the 99%, but the 1% better watch it! He aims to join the ranks. 😉

My favorite part about Daniel, though, is that he’s always got my back. He visited me several times when I was really sick in CA, and when I was younger, we always took care of each other. I miss him a lot, and I hope that today is a lot of fun for him, and that this year gives him everything he’s looking for.

Boych, if you’re reading this, this smooch is for you!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

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