Maker Spaces, Narcissism, Power Hour, and Finding Your Chi

You know, updating this blog was a lot easier for me when it was (at least in my mind) all about me: what I was thinking and feeling and not, “Do I have something of importance to say to the world?”

Since when did I get all high and mighty and concerned about whether or not this blog is a mark of narcissism? I know what intents I had when I created it: to help others who felt like me or who have gone through MS and it’s trials and tribulations and needed someone else to laugh about it with or to go, “Yep, been there.” with. It wasn’t about fame or needing validation. It was about leading a path from where I’d tread so that others who were going down that same road could see more clearly for themselves where they might like to go.

I think when I started thinking of my journal as a proper “BLOG” (which I must say – the word itself sounds like vomit rolling off the tongue), I have been less and less apt to update it. And so I say blah to bloggishness, and hello again to journalishness, for all the narcissistic bent it may have.

That being said, something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently and have very badly wanted to document somewhere is that thing I’ve been calling maker spaces.

Maker spaces would be much like libraries but would be for scientific equipment and art and music equipment that is just too expensive for any regular person to have on their own. Take a percussion section for example: A percussionist could not be expected to own a set of timpani, a marimba, snare drum, bass drum, cymbals, triangle, chimes, xylophone, bells, and other toy instruments at home, but s/he would be expected to keep skill up on all those instruments if s/he were interested in being a part of an orchestra. A magnificent painter might not be able to afford studio space because he only can afford his brushes, paint, and canvas. Someone who wants to practice skill in photography might not be able to afford a good camera — but if there were these maker spaces — like artistic community centers, where people could practice their craft, borrow equipment for certain hours, have practice spaces… art could thrive despite people having limited funds. The only downside is that we would have to depend on everyone to take good care of the equipment.

Of course, it takes money and donations to get these kinds of things done. Funny thing is, it’s the financial crisis that spurred on this idea for me. This is what I see libraries turning into.

And speaking of turning into: I’ve been trying my hardest to take a real look at what I’ve been turning into, and I am bored. So I have to be boring my readers too. I fully expected that by my 31st birthday, we’d be reading about my court cases with rock stars. Instead, I am a chronically ill housewife. Big Fun! I can just tell you that today, I had a good appointment with my doctor, and that I’m feeling more like a human being every day. At least that’s something!

This entry is part of my Power Hour. Something Adam talked me into to help me “find my chi!” (Which is a long ongoing joke that started really with a line from South Park.) I figure if Mr. Garrison can become Ms. Garrison and harness her chi, taking 1 hour a day to do 20 minutes of meditation, 20 minutes of yoga, and 20 minutes of writing certainly can’t hurt me.

Harnessing Her Chi

Harnessing Her Chi

Anyway, for anyone who missed the announcements on G+ or Facebook, I feel like I should make an announcement here too, since I post recipes here too: I am not devoutly paleo yet. Adam and I have too much love for the Chicago deep dish that is abundant around us. Once a week a meal break can’t hurt too badly!

I hope that everyone’s having a happy Tuesday.

8 thoughts on “Maker Spaces, Narcissism, Power Hour, and Finding Your Chi

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