Now, THAT is recycling.

An elf sculpture made from engine parts by Tom Samui.

One of the things I like to do on G+ is repost pictures of art that I think is particularly eye-catching or interesting.

This sculpture immediately captured my heart. This elf was made from engine parts and was created by Tom Samui. According to the caption on G+, “The Swiss artist has created hundreds of sculptures and statues made entirely from scrap car parts. Tom Samui and his team of 15 people spend hundreds of hours building sculptures of animals, vehicles, people, fantasy creatures and furniture. (Tom Samui / Rex Features)”

There was a documentary that Adam and I watched on Netflix a few months back called Waste Land, and it was about an artist named Vik Muniz who created fine art from recyclable materials contained within the world’s largest garbage dump (which just happened to be in Brazil, for any curious folks). It was a great film!

The thing that’s really neat that I found out after the movie is that there’s a whole movement within the art world called Recyclart! People have actually taken to focusing on how to reuse materials that would otherwise be junked and have made some truly beautiful things with them. (Our fairy above is but one example!)

Check out this: How to make a non-functional light bulb into a bud vase!

I wonder what that guy would do with the new florescent bulbs…

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