Good Morning, World!

Sgt Frog

Hard to believe it, but I’m awake of my own volition at 7:30 on a Saturday morning, and I’m not even watching cartoons! (What’s up with that action?  Clearly, this must be rectified.) My body woke me up at 6:30. It’s done that the last couple of days. I’ve just been going with it.

Speaking of cartoons, though – Last night, Adam and I discovered a bizarre little anime toon called Sgt. Frog. It was out there. We’re 2 episodes in, and I’m scratching my head.  It’s not as adorable as School Rumble was, but what is?  Ok, Sailor Moon. And Adam still hasn’t seen Sailor Moon. Another travesty which must be rectified. He schooled me in Ranma 1/2. I feel it’s my duty to give him the gift of Tuxedo Mask & Usagi.

Sailor Moon

Today, I’m determined that no matter what, I’m going to bleach my roots blonde and re-color my hair.  I’ve been waiting because I wanted to go to the store and pick out a new brunette instead of going blue again… but, oh jeez, oh well, oh darn, I guess I just have to keep rockin an awesome blue for a little longer and be that cool.  Besides, I went the distance to get the good stuff: Raw hair color – True Blue. My hair will be Royal Blue. Almost patriotic.

My attitude of the moment might let me down,
I might feel lazy and like going brown…
But my hair won’t let me down. Oh hell no, baby. πŸ™‚  
It says, “Think differently,” constantly.
People give me strange looks
like I’m something they’ve never seen,
or like I’m disgusting or amazing
It all depends what I’m wearing with it
and where we are, if I’m allowed to have a personality
Ah, society, you bring out the silly in me.

School Rumble

3 thoughts on “Good Morning, World!

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