Time for migration, I think.

Well, In It For The Parking has been on LiveJournal for a long time. But LJ has been seeing a lot of action recently from hackers and governments, and frankly, I don’t like that. Plus, when I type in “http://www.initfortheparking.com” into my browser, I want to go there and not be redirected a bajillion times by LJ.

That leaves me no option but to buy server space and convert it to a “proper” blog. I’m hoping that will help me write in it more often too, since I’m not really giving it the attention that it’s due and instead have been spending my attention on Facebook and G+.

I’ll still keep this account and post a link to updates when I have them, which ought to be more often.

Sometimes things need a facelift and to be reorganized. This is one of those times.

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