Life is a weird thing.

We all could have died today.

We could have blinked out of existence, died in screaming agony together, as an asteroid the size of an air-craft carrier hit the earth. But we were okay. The asteroid passed us, 202,000 miles away. That’s less than the distance from us to the moon. (About 4/5ths the distance, actually) But we didn’t!

Whether or not you believe in God, that’s fairly significant – the survival of the entire human race. But it’s just a passing headline in the news today, and tomorrow, no one will think twice about it.

They’ll continue to mourn the passing of Heavy D, whose untimely death came at the age of 44. I know I’ll always have a great love for the man who I first heard call rappers “lyrical masters” and in doing so, overcame the snobbery that St. Mary’s had bred into me. I remember listening to Heavy D & the Boyz when simply doing so meant that I was rebelling against being who I was: very white, very young, and educated. I couldn’t help loving the rhythm. I couldn’t help appreciating the poetry, even when I was too young to understand the double entendre.

I keep thinking about Occupy Wall Street, and our current political situation here in America — how we’re sitting here, almost waiting for Civil War, when we don’t want one — we just want an end to corruption… and it reminds me of how everyone keeps waiting for the rapture, for Jesus to come back and save them from a world full of corruption… or for a great flying rock in space to come and wipe us the fuck out, so we don’t have to do the work to save ourselves because it simply seems like too big a task… like something that no individual could think of how to do alone.

I believe that God saved us from the asteroid because I believe that we are all a part of God, and frankly, it would have hurt for us all to die.

I believe that God saved us from the asteroid because I am Jewish, and I believe it is our *JOB* to fix this planet and ourselves from the inside out – to relieve ourselves of our own corruption.

My Judaism is as Baruch Spinoza‘s and Jesus’s was. I am a Panenthiest. Down to the slightest smallest atom, we are ALL-IN, 100% a part of the Great Creator, each and every one of us. That spark of divinity exists within us, driving us to do more, to be more, to accomplish, to create, to forgive, to love, to flourish.

And it’s time to stop hurting ourselves with paper that we have given make-believe value to.

People have called money the root of all evil for centuries.

First there was barter, then there was money. I don’t know what’s next, but I do know there is something next, and that we will find it together.

Since banks create money for free for themselves out of absolutely nothing, which we must then pay back to them with interest, the only thing stopping the common man from doing the exact same thing is that we do not have the ability to print the money.

Acknowledging that fact, we must also acknowledge that we are but a breath away from counterfeiters destabilizing the economy now that it is common knowledge that money is backed on nothing but faith.

We can do better than this.

I just don’t know how.

I’m simply glad to still be alive and still have hope and the belief that smarter folks than me are out there thinking about this very thing right now.

Hopefully, we can all work together, and make something good for our future. C’mon, hivemind. Let’s go get em.

One thought on “Life is a weird thing.

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