Chapter 30: To be In Need of Military Protection

With Reason’s guidance,
the leader of people
does not approve of maintaining
a well-trained and powerful army
seeking to dominate
all the land under heaven.

Its work is easy to reciprocate.
A military division actually lives where
brambles and thorns are born.

A great and powerful army will,
simply by its mere existence,
leave behind inauspicious years in its wake.

One who acts benevolently and virtuously, does
Good, but not more; not daring to take power.
Good, but not to gain esteem in the eyes of others;
Good, but not to make another look bad.
Good, but not prideful or arrogant.
Good — without needing proper (or any) recognition afterward.

Goodness, Benevolence, Virtue: these things cannot be forced.
(Because they are strength/force/hardness’s equal and opposite characteristics!)

This is the way things have always been.

To speak of immorality,
that which is not of the way of Reason,
one should be early to stop.

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