Chapter 28: The Inside-Out, Upside-Down Fight Against Honesty -or- Coming Out of Denial

To be aware of his great power of and influence as a man,
and to guard her femininity,

Act as all the land under Heaven,
the creek by which she gets new things.

Becoming the land under Heaven and the creek,
Constant kindness and virtue, never deviate
Again, to return in infancy.

To be aware of her purity
and to guard her from darkness,
Become all the land under Heaven.

Be the whole world to her,
always virtuous, good, and kind, and not excessive.

Recover, return, what is utmost lacking!

To know her glory, to guard her disgrace,
become as all the land under heaven.

To serve as all the land under heaven, constant morality is only therefore sufficient, to overcome denial and return to truth.

To be all the land under heaven you have to have style.
You cannot be leisurely, but must act as a tool.

Wise people use this tool, then act as the heads of the government;
They’re the reason our system of living is not cut off.

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