Okay, I know I’m walking all over my Tao.

But what’s a Path if not something to step on, right?

So, earlier this week, I was hanging out with my sister-in-law, Laura, and she let me in on this fabulous website for couponing: A Full Cup.

It took me back! WAY BACK – to my days of message boards and forum hopping, back when I used to dream of making custom cat trees and breeding ragdoll kittens for a living. Fortunately, the technology is the same, but the content is much improved. (Before you ask, yes, I had lost my mind, and no, this is not at all the same thing. I have given up on finding my mind, thank you very much.)

Being a happy madwoman aside, I am very much looking forward to being able to receive a lot of things for free for something I already do with the guided aid of folks who are amazingly clued in to store policies and coupon goodness, and in doing so, it will allow me give abundantly to local charities the things I do not need, like diapers and candy. It is already helping me to save on the things we buy regularly, with the search-for-coupon function.

And they even help you figure out how to organize your stuff. Coupon Binder. In a Tote Bag. With Dividers. And baseball card or currency holders for the coupons. (No joke.)

I’m hoping to talk someone into going on a Board-Game Couponing Adventure QuestTM with me today. Class warfare’s on, baby, and I want to Robin Hood some money back from WalMart!

There’s an opportunity to get brand new board games for $1 a piece if you print off the Big Lots ad, actually go to Big Lots to see what games they actually have and write them down, and then go to Wal-Mart to get the games and have them Price Match it and use the coupons that came in the paper a few weeks ago. (Can you say Xmas presents for Toys for Tots or just… presents for Tots? I can!)

A Dudeist Poetry Moment

We take this unscheduled break from translating the Tao De Ching to bring you a poem I just wrote, in the Dudeist tradition. *snaps* I call it, Godly Creatures.

We are Godly creatures
And so, the Atheists are both
right and wrong –
Because the world
and the weather
and all of us together
make up just one part
of something much larger

There is no Sky Daddy,
no report card being kept.
There is no secret recipe
for finding happiness.

It’s really very straightforward
and all religions get this right:
To find peace, you must have faith.

And if we are Godly,
can we not have faith in ourselves?
In fact, I think we must.
And if not faith, love or trust.

Chapter 29: Wu-Wei: The fine art of accomplishing something by simply being yourself.

If somebody wants total and complete world domination,
with themselves as ruler,
I can tell you right now,
it’s not gonna turn out well for anybody.

The planet, itself, is a divine tool,
and cannot be used by man without fucking it up.

Act as the person who tries to control the world,
and you will lose your power.

Execute a plan to ensure control over the world,
and the world could be lost.

Because the planet might be okay and might comply,
or it might exhale or blow up,
might become better or become entangled,
might carry on or might be destroyed.

To be like the sage, avoid extremes.
Get rid of the extravagant.
Go to a safe and peaceful place.

Chapter 28: The Inside-Out, Upside-Down Fight Against Honesty -or- Coming Out of Denial

To be aware of his great power of and influence as a man,
and to guard her femininity,

Act as all the land under Heaven,
the creek by which she gets new things.

Becoming the land under Heaven and the creek,
Constant kindness and virtue, never deviate
Again, to return in infancy.

To be aware of her purity
and to guard her from darkness,
Become all the land under Heaven.

Be the whole world to her,
always virtuous, good, and kind, and not excessive.

Recover, return, what is utmost lacking!

To know her glory, to guard her disgrace,
become as all the land under heaven.

To serve as all the land under heaven, constant morality is only therefore sufficient, to overcome denial and return to truth.

To be all the land under heaven you have to have style.
You cannot be leisurely, but must act as a tool.

Wise people use this tool, then act as the heads of the government;
They’re the reason our system of living is not cut off.