Chapter 27: Use Your Opportunities.

Benevolent folks leave no damage in their wake as they travel.

Virtuous orators give speeches with which one cannot find fault.

Truly good accountants don’t need calculators, computers, or even this year’s copy of the tax code to know what you owe.

(Now that is some serious math right there.)

One who is good at obstruction can close any door and keep it from opening.

One who truly understands the fine art of binding does not need rope, because rope can be untied. They play with your mind.

To be with wise people, often improving (themselves and the world around them) in the hopes of rescuing mankind, do not abandon people.

It is always good to save people and things and not to throw them away them as though they were unnecessary.

Speaking of inheriting understanding: good people should teach bad people.

“Bad” people, good people end up supporting financially.
They are not truly expensive to their masters, because there is no affection to provide.

Even though wisdom and knowledge would be
the best and most wonderful gift to give them,
it may confuse them.

You have to ask for something this special to appreciate it.

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