Chapter 25: The First Formation of the Tao

There existed

Something Thoughtless
Something Accomplished

before the world was born.

Lonely! Lonesome, standing alone, without needing to change.

Encircling one another,
becoming one shape in order to ward off danger,
they were able to act as
Mother to our Existence.

The eldest speak of times long since gone.
The past speaks of distant lands,
and distant lands speak of a return to our opposite ways:
a Rebellion inherent in our very Nature

That which causes Life is Great,
The Sky is Wide,
The Earth is Huge,
And Mankind is also Fantastic.

Among all these four things exists
The Greatness of the Tao,
and mankind resides as its highest form.

People’s laws are earthly.
The Earth takes its directions from the sky.
The Sky takes its directions from the Tao.
And the Tao takes its cues from Nature.

But if you’re reading close enough
you know that means that
Tao answers to no one but itself
and is constantly chasing its own tail
to create change,
because that’s where life exists.

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