Chapter 21: A Heart With Nothing But Room Inside For Love

In order for anyone to come off looking virtuous, obeying the Tao is the only way.

Taoism serves as a thing to help you find clarity and bring distinction to that which is indistinct.

Unclear and indistinct, it exists among all things that have form.
Indistinct and unclear, it runs through all matter.
Deep, quiet, elegant, and dark, it even has its place among the insane.

The Tao is perfect, very real, and to many an attorney’s delight there is evidence of its existence.

Lao Tzu offers up this gem as Exhibit A: One’s self living by today’s standards far exceeds even the wildest dreams of those of our ancient ancestors, especially if we’re living in a way such to keep our family names from dishonor.

The truly wonderful thing is, science can prove that he ain’t lyin!

According to standards of how people feel today. How do I know how people feel today?

Because of this.

What I offer as exhibit B: I am alive.

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