Chapter 23: Blank or Pokerface? Neither: Wu Wei – Peaceful Emptiness

Infrequent speech is natural, like weather patterns.
Just as a gentle breeze cannot not last throughout a leader’s entire reign,
Unexpected rain cannot outlast the month.

Who or what causes this?
The sky and earth.

If the planet itself cannot yet control its situational outbursts,
even with all the time it has had to learn about itself,
what chance does a person have?

So, if you’re undertaking the mighty task of getting right with the Tao,
Make your life easier by hanging out with like-minded (Tao-minded) folks.
Bird of a feather flock together for good reason: they achieve and fail together.

And having a support net is important for personal well-being.

All of us who follow this similar reasoning (or Tao) enjoy the happiness that comes from it.
Together, as people alike in integrity, that particular integrity smiles upon us.

And those who miss the mark, the ones who don’t believe: The Tao smiles upon them as well, as near as they can tell.

But Lao Tzu asks you,”Evidence is lacking? How? Do you distrust your very existence?”

In this society, where we watch The Matrix, streaming on our TV over the internet, and are made to read both A Brave New World and 1984 before we graduate high school, I’d have to say, that pretty much anyone with a thinking mind would.

Translated by others, Lao Tzu’s words could also have been translated to say that a lack of faith on the part of man is met by a lack of faith’s reward.

Or in modern terms: The customer is always right, at least when it comes to faith in whether or not there is a God.

Heck, even in Christianity they say that which we hold true on earth will be held true in the kingdom of Heaven. Much as I hate to give a nod in that direction. 馃槈

And in my Jewish way, I say, as I have many times in my life,
砖职讈诪址注 讬执砖职讉专指讗值诇 讬职讛讜指讛 讗直诇止讛值讬谞讜旨 讬职讛讜指讛 讗侄讞指讚.
Hear, O Israel, The Lord is Our G-d, The Lord is One.

One side of the EVERYTHING. That which enables existence. No more, no less.

Chapter 22: The Benefit of Modesty

When the “wrong” principles, being in the wrong entirely, have become “upright,”
Depression becomes surplus.
The poor and worn out become new.
The few become the many, and many are confused.

Live according to the way of the saints:
Embrace the day and serve Heaven,
Love all things under the sky.

Uneasiness appears, but Reason brings understanding.
Uneasiness existing, Reason manifests;
Uneasiness is cut down because there is service and merit in this world.
Uneasiness is easy to sympathize with because it’s been around forever, and we all feel its sting.

Man alone fails to live up to expectations because in all of God’s dominion, there is no other creature who is capable of debate.

The ancient saying goes, “The partial will become whole.”
How can it be false to say?
The genuine completion of everything, ever, (time, space, the whole shebang) is included in it.


Speaking of living modestly: I am doing just that.

As someone on SSDI for MS and seizure disorder, I am living off of $683 a month, and my husband has been looking for work for more than 2 years. We are moving to Chicago to live with family in 2 weeks because we cannot afford rent next month.

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Chapter 21: A Heart With Nothing But Room Inside For Love

In order for anyone to come off looking virtuous, obeying the Tao is the only way.

Taoism serves as a thing to help you find clarity and bring distinction to that which is indistinct.

Unclear and indistinct, it exists among all things that have form.
Indistinct and unclear, it runs through all matter.
Deep, quiet, elegant, and dark, it even has its place among the insane.

The Tao is perfect, very real, and to many an attorney’s delight there is evidence of its existence.

Lao Tzu offers up this gem as Exhibit A: One’s self living by today’s standards far exceeds even the wildest dreams of those of our ancient ancestors, especially if we’re living in a way such to keep our family names from dishonor.

The truly wonderful thing is, science can prove that he ain’t lyin!

According to standards of how people feel today. How do I know how people feel today?

Because of this.

What I offer as exhibit B: I am alive.