Chapter 19: Returning to A Pure Way of Being

If we “disappeared” our holy saints and sages
and threw away our wisdom and knowledge,
it would benefit the people a hundred-fold.

Remove the kernel of humanity.
Abandon the concepts of justice and righteousness.
The people will retaliate and regenerate by
being brotherly and compassionate to one another.

If we could give up on being opportunistic, clever, or good at timing,
And let go of the profits or potential advantages that go along,

There would be no more thieves and no more thievery.

These three things are most important
to remember when culture is lacking:

Our oldest ancestors built communities and
chose to become affiliated with one another:

(1) To seem plain;
(2) To cherish simplicity;
(3) To share our individual widowed desires.

And if you ask me, that’s all a foofy way of saying:

Trust in your fellow human as family.
Saints, sages, knowledge, wisdom:
all of it is ultimately useless/pointless.
Do not seek to grab and keep anything for yourself,
you’re not staying, you can’t keep it.
In life, you will have whatever you need to survive.
It’s built in. We all help each other out.

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