Chapter 18: A Lack of Common Courtesy

When the ways of the Tao are forgotten or abolished,
there is still the kernel of humane justice and righteousness.

Wisdom and knowledge, while necessary and wonderful,
should not be used all alone to make decisions,
because the results can produce some major bullshit.

Sometimes, even incredibly smart folks are wrong.
Sometimes, they lie or forge their work, and
Sometimes, they’re just plain hypocrites!

When times roll around that no one knows who to trust,
because we can’t trust the government, popular wisdom, or knowledge,
even family members start bickering with each other.

At least we still have the teachings of brotherly love,
of paternal affection, of benevolence toward our fellow man.
Compassion and caring for one another brings people together.

When a community is confused, afraid, and lacking security,
Noble leaders move their neighbors to be more friendly & kind.
Loyalty and faithfulness heal the fraying tapestry of human empathy
through their actions and not their commands, teaching us all how to be better people.

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