Chapter 16: To Sum It Up…

Devote yourself to Humility.
Guard the sacred Stillness
with the same sincerity saved for serious sickness…

A great number of things (some would say ten thousand)
combine to make this summary a pretty good idea.

Every living creature (and the whole of life, in fact) has a Life cycle,
and eventually returns to its root.

Returning to the root
is achieving a state of stillness.
Stillness is still life!

It just means rest.
But destiny has built in rest stops.
It’s got to. It’s destiny!

Otherwise, even the greats would burn out.

Always know this wisdom:
Life continuously goes through this repetitious pattern.

Unknowingly, it is common
that things done rashly yield inauspicious results.
Be sure always to be aware to appear to hold honorable values.
Actually holding those values is a good idea too.

Because in this “Perception is (your) reality” world,
where people actually say “Pics or it didn’t happen!”
You’d better walk the walk you’re talkin’.

Common and therefore “king,”
“King” and therefore heavenly and comprehensive.
heavenly and therefore of the Tao.

Those of us who study the Tao understand
that The End & The Beginning meet one another so perfectly
In the circle of life that you can’t see where they blend
Aging, death, decay of the body
Don’t need to be feared, they happen to everybody.

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