Chapter 15: Conspicuous Goodness

The ancient scholarly warriors for Good
had a way of cutting through the fearsome unknown
with subtlety so profound
that it, quite simply, is ineffable. (Can’t be put into words!)

Because this wisdom cannot be communicated well to most people,
I aspire to make it clear here. (No promises.)

To protect your interests silently
while acting as a reserved humanitarian,
as though you fear your neighbors,

To act majestically dignified and diplomatically,
as though you are a constant guest of your community,

To be cool to the point that you could be melting ice,
Yet still kind-hearted and simple,

The masters are deep enough to be the valley itself.

And sure, they’ve got dirty minds,
But how else are you going to see beauty in muddy waters?

What can make sense of science?
What can make muddy water clear?
What can pacify growth?

Those who defend, protect, and preserve
the ancient wisdom of This Sacred Poem of Goodness
know better than to be arrogant or greedy.

Because studiers of the Tao are content
with what they have and who they are,
They have no need for the newest, latest greatest thing.

They can happily use their technological gadgetry
until they’ve reached the limits of their usefulness,
And believe it or not, these folks can even rock hand-me-downs,
and manage to make ’em look somehow fresh and new.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 15: Conspicuous Goodness

  1. Okay, I COMPLETELY understand this. I was in a similar situation. Ya see, I was in the car drivin and we came to a stop light… And a bee flew onto the window (and I’m allergic) so I flipped thinking it was in the car and tried I jump out the passenger side window only to find it was closed too. Left me withmajor bruises and A ticket for speeding when the light turned green. So don’t feel to bad bubba, we all have our moments

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