Chapter 14: Walking on Quicksand: In Praise of the Fearsome Unknown

We look to the Unknown future, but do not see her,
yet we call her, “Barbarian.”
We humans are always afraid of what we do not know.

We hear her, but do not bother to ask questions,
pay attention, or listen to what’s said
because we listen so rarely.

Conquering her, simply, is not possible.
We are too tiny in the grand scheme of things.
(The phrase “Winning the future” is hilarious to Chapter 14!)

These three characteristics should not cause a person to convey restraint.
You only get 1 life, after all.

Life’s prior times weren’t always bright and shiny.
Life’s next times won’t necessarily be dark.
The Unknown, like an indescribable rope, pulls each of us,
Returning us to the Nothing from which we came.

To speak of disability is strong,
for nothing else is the 800 lb. Gorilla in the room everyone else is ignoring.
To speak of it indistinctly would be a terrible disappointment.
For isn’t it better to welcome it, than to meet it as your new leader later?

When we fully understand the methods of our ancestors,
we can use their knowledge to defend our existence.
When we fully understand our ancient technology,
then we can say we have entered an Age of Reason.

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