Chapter 11: Seemingly Useless & Worthless: The Hollow, Necessary, Nothing

It doesn’t matter how many spokes your bike tires have.
30 works if you’re feeling particularly Zen.
Regardless, it’s the open hole in the middle of the tire that allows the wheel to spin.
And isn’t that what matters?

The same thing goes for clay, plastic, glass, or polymer for that matter,
whether you’re making jars or cups or test tubes.
It’s the hollowness upon which the vessel’s utility depends.
Because, let’s face it, cups that are already full of something else don’t make for good drinking.
Heck, they’re hardly “cups” at all!

Another great place to see the necessary hollow in action is the home.
Cut the doors and windows from a house, and it is still simply real estate.
It’s what happens inside those walls that makes a house a home.
The stories and experiences we choose share with one another, when we could otherwise be alone are what build families and communities.

Likewise, while a material body is a necessary condition to our existence as human beings,
The true value of a life is so special as to be immaterial.
It cannot ever properly be compared to material things, such as money, no matter how much douchebag economists or airhead philosophers would like opine otherwise.

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