Chapter 9: In All Things, Moderation

If you fill a cup too much, even with the world’s best drink, you’re gonna spill some on yourself before you take a sip. And that ain’t cool. Sure, your cup runneth over, but the beer, man! THE BEER!!! Have some respect, for the drink and for yourself! Seriously.

Plan for every contingency to be ABSOLUTELY SURE that nothing is going to go wrong, and sure enough, there’s gonna be something you didn’t think about! The Universe laughs out loud when we make plans, us human schemers.

See, you can only sharpen a pencil so much before it breaks. Same’s true of axes, or well, anything you can sharpen. (Wit too!) It all eventually wears away.

Here in America in 2011, they like to say, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it!” But that is not the way of the Tao.

Because seriously, if you’re walking through the ghetto wearing some expensive shit, you’re asking to get mugged.

The Real Housewives of Whatever City (on Bravo!) are begging for misfortune according to the ancient text by showing off what they’ve got. But I guess that misfortune is exactly what makes for interesting “reality” TV… *shrug*

To attain true merit, to acquire just fame, the true personality must be secondary to whatever it is that is famous or important, and the person who is in the spotlight must not remain there forever. That is the Heavenly Way.

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