Chapter 8: The Nature of Goodness and Contentment

Water has it right.
It is calm, peaceful, and content when it is not being disrupted.
It dwells in the lowest places without shame, and benefits all things, impartially.
But humans are only mostly water, and while water’s way is like the Tao, we still have a little way to go.

See, a swanky beachside loft is only desirable because of its location,
and it’s only any good to you if you’ve got the money and the lifestyle to make good use out of it.
The same thing is true of having a quiet moment to yourself;
it’s no good if you can’t make your thoughts stop racing.
Nobody cares if you went to school or were good friends with celebrities or ridiculously rich people unless it somehow benefits them, and people care even less if you have political opinions unless you can actually do something timely to affect the situation in a positive way.

So, when trying to bring more goodness into the world, do not fight against your position in life, and fewer folks will find fault with your actions.

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