Chapter 5: Impartiality

The Heavens and the Earth move through time and space with no regard for any human being. They are truly impartial.

Some would say it’s because they are on their own path.

Heck, nowadays we’ve got folks who could show us their paths, and even chart a course to predict where they will head in the future! They’re called Astronomers.

If you want to live wisely, like the sage, you’ve got to be impartial.

For the wise know that all people are alike (Or as one of my favorite comedians of all times, Mo Alexander, put it, “We are all WalMart shoppers!”) and are equally unimportant in the grand scheme of, well, all of existence.

There are a lot of gossips in this world who fill the void between heaven and earth with hot air and chatter, bantering back and forth about what other folks have done.

It’s awful tough to be impartial when you’re busy talkin’ shit.

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