I have something important to say.

Rhonda Lyn Baroff Shapiro: I love you. Thank you for bringing me into this world, even though I had no choice about it. Thank you for protecting me as best as you have been able. Thank you for loving me with everything you have in you. Thank you for your patience as I grow, and for loving me back while I cannot hear you say it.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone. You’re here. That means someone birthed you. Congratulations on making it through that ride. Hat tip to all the ladies who went through the process to make that happen for someone else.

I wrote a poem last night. I’m dedicating it to my mom, who says that everything you do is ultimately selfish. Which right now, makes me smirk. I was going for some lyrics, but it’s kinda *shrug* I dunno.

You’ve gotta love you first
Or nothing will seem worth it
You could climb the highest mountain
And not enjoy the view

If you’re giving your all for someone else
who doesn’t value you
It doesn’t matter what you do
You won’t be happy…

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