Togas, and cookies, and games! Oh My!

Yesterday was a great day. Today is going to be good too. I can just feel it.

I got to play Sims 3 with Adam, where we finally got Rayven MacGruth pregnant with baby #5! Clan MacGruth is FULL UP on human-vampire hybrid babies who, prior to graduating high school, are pinging level 10 in freakin’ everything. It’s crazy and hilarious, both because of the fashions I have made in the game and the level of intense nit-pickiness I have with each character’s action.

I’ve never had such an appropriate outlet for my ridiculous bossy streak — this game totally quells the desire to micromanage in my life. (Though I must admit, I can get sucked in for hours at a time) The real-life children I have not yet borne should be so thankful for this over-achieving vampire/human family rockband! I am asserting total insano control over them, so if all is good and well by the time my real-life family comes around, I will have worked out all of this freakish "playing benevolent God" business with the 21st century equivalent of paper dolls.

I also have finally written out my cookie recipe and put it in the family recipe box I started on Google Docs. Adam and I made them last night, and I have already lost count of how many I’ve eaten and I remember why I started absolutely loving exercising: because it means I get to eat whatever I want!!! (These cookies are awesome but not calorie, fat, or guilt-free!)

So, I have decided that since I’m going to be achy/hurty and at least partially cranky on the inside all the time anyway, I’m getting back to spending at least an hour at the gym at least 3 days a week, even if I’m tired, because if I’m gonna be tired and achy anyway, I may as well be doing it AND working out, so that I can eat whatever I want without guilt. If I have to take extra B12 or caffeinated beverages to get into the gym, I’ll do it. Once I’m there, it helps me feel better and do more. I’ve been feeling worse about myself and life since I let feeling bad stop me from moving. And that’s crap!!! Feeling bad AND feeling bad about yourself is no way to live your life when you can choose the contrary.

I also got invited to a toga party! YAY FOR TOGAS! I love making togas! They’re so easy to make, comfortable to wear, and so much fun. Costume parties always mean people are more silly and are letting their hair down, and the underlying code of a Toga party is always "Roman debauchery" which means that if at any time I feel like simply plotzing on a couch, like a lazy pile of poop, I am totally acting appropriately! It also means that it’s time for more energy drink, but that’s neither here nor there. 🙂 Things like this make me smile.

Fun toga facts from :

Did you know that the colors of toga’s worn in ancient times discriminated between classes and professions?

There was only one sombre color allowed for peasants.
Officers were permitted to have 2 colors.
Clan commanders generally wore 3 colors.
The Imperial household could wear up to 7 colors.
Plain white was the color of choice of soothsayers.
Black was worn by theologians.
Philosphers kept to blue.
Green was the color of choice of medical practitioners.

Here’s how you do it.

For the Ladies:

For the Gentlemen:

And for folks who hate video (you poor things!):

How to Make a Toga Costume for Women
How to Tie a Woman’s Toga
How to Make a Toga Out of a Sheet for a Woman
How to Wear A Roman Toga

Tomorrow is WalkMS 2011 Los Angeles at the Rose Bowl!!!
It’s not too late to donate or to join my team.
Right now, I’m walking with my husband and my buddy Jarrod, and the hundreds of folks who show up to support the fight against MS. I don’t particularly care if you’re adding money to the NMSS till, but I’d love to have friends come and walk with me.

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