Let’s Give It Up for St. Joseph’s Day – a totally awesome reason to party!

I have to say, I love being married to a nice Chicago-bred Catholic Pollack. Aside from the fact that I am a crippled Jew-Girl from the South, and that since we’re married and livin the Hollywood dream, it means between the two of us, we can get away with almost all the good off-color jokes, it also means that we couldn’t possibly have asked for a better weekend to be praying for Adam to have gotten a job.

Believe it or not, prior to this weekend, I’d never heard of St. Joseph’s Day. I mean, St. Patrick’s Day, sure. Everyone’s heard of that. They freakin make and distribute tee shirts that say, “Kiss me, I’m Irish!” because the Irish are so full up on sharing the St. Patrick’s Day spirit that day that as long as you’re wearing green and drinking, they’ll take anyone! 🙂 No standards at all! 🙂

But ask anyone on the street who St. Patrick is and what they’re drinking to, and I’d be willing to bet that they have no idea that they’re getting sauced because in the battle of pagans vs. catholics for control of Ireland, the catholics won! It’s just time to get their drink on and wear green. Irish Pride in Chicago even included turning the Chicago River green every year — but there is an awesome Italian and Polish tradition of 2 days later, celebrating St. Joseph’s Day and wearing red.

But St. Joseph’s Day, that’s pretty rockin, and definitely well deserving of celebration. I mean, folks pray to Mary all the time – but what about the guy who helped her be calm and breathe deep before lamaze was invented, when she was birthin’ the bundle of joy that would later be touted as the messiah? (You know, if you believe that sort of thing.)

There’s something pretty spectacular about a gentleman who accepts a wife exactly as she is: with child when that child is not his own.

There’s something ultimately loving about adoption, about the choice to include a child in your life that is not of your blood, but to whom you swear your love and your life.

There is something profoundly endearing about a poor-as-dirt carpenter who worked as hard as he could to provide for his wife and child, who tried his best to raise an ethical, loving man, and who is barely mentioned in the Christian/Catholic Bible. I mean, that speaks volumes to me. That is the definition of quiet cool. For Jesus to have been a good man, he had to have learned a thing or two from Joseph – who is the patron saint of husbands AND workers! (And thus, job-seekers too!)

So, for me, newly wife’d to a nice Catholic boy, who had a job interview on the 18th, and who told me about this holiday for the first time on the 19th, you can imagine how excited I was to have something to take my mind off of the anticipation of waiting for the answer! We should find out sometime soon.

Till then, I’ll be doing my best to keep calm and have faith that things will work out as they are supposed to. We may find out as early as tomorrow. 🙂

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