Passing a Constitutional Amendment Without Congress’s Approval

Okay, I know it sounds crazy, but it actually is possible for the people of America to rally and to pass a constitutional amendment without Congress’s approval!

It seems America’s founding fathers anticipated a situation where not only had the Supreme Court overstepped their boundaries, but the Congress themselves had become corrupt. A situation much like ours, where the odds are 50/50 that your Congressperson is a millionaire and is more likely to craft legislation that will benefit folks like him/herself than the 90% of Americans who are living on “the other side” of the financial class divide.

Article 5 of the U.S. Constitution specifies two procedures for amendments.

The method for amending the Constitution that has been used with every amendment so far requires that the proposed amendment be approved by both houses of Congress (i.e., the Senate and the House of Representatives) by a two-thirds majority in each, and then ratified by three-fourths of the states.” That clearly won’t work when the members of Congress are a big part of the problem to begin with.

The other method is for two-thirds of states legislatures to call for a constitutional convention. At this convention, new amendments may be proposed, subject to ratification by three-fourths of the states. That means that in order to stop the unintended spread of fascism within our democracy, America needs at least 34 states to come together and call for a constitutional convention, and for 38 states to ratify whatever amendment they decide to create.

This constitutional convention method allows for the constitution to be amended by the actions of states alone and cuts Congress entirely out of the equation — no Congressional vote or approval is needed or required. However, not once in the history of the United States have the states ever called a convention for the purpose of proposing new constitutional amendments. I think this is because there has never been a need. 90% of the people of America have never been betrayed by 2 of the 3 branches of their government before.

The time has come for an amendment to the constitution that shouts that civil rights should belong to humans only.

When the Supreme Court gave corporations free speech in 2010, and called campaign finance “speech” rather than “donating money,” they opened our government to infiltration by other countries because shareholders can come from anywhere. It made the corporate voices louder than any citizen’s voice could ever be, and it set us up for a move toward fascism, which is when corporations and government merge into one.

If you want to make a difference for the positive, it is important to speak out and to share truth.

Corporations are not people. They are made by people and made of people. They are legal fictions — constructs. They should not enjoy natural, civil rights. It is a blatant dishonesty that works to enslave our minds and our citizenry.

Please join me in writing your state legislature and asking them to bring a constitutional convention to pass a new amendment to the U.S. Constitution – one that does not equate the worth of a living, breathing human being with wants, desires, dreams, thoughts, and feelings to a corporation, a robot, or artificial intelligence.

In this equation, A does not equal A. Even folks who love Ayn Rand can appreciate that.

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