A Hard Look at Intellectual Honesty

One of the things I have been lead to believe in life is that everything happens for a reason, both good and bad. Everything makes you who you are. It is because of the life I have lead that I am not afraid to stand up and say that something very wrong is happening in our country.

We are currently fighting a war against fascism.

This is what fascism looks like.

The video is of what’s actually happening in WI. A Democratic Representative – a lawmaker – was treated like a criminal by police for trying to enter the statehouse to get his own clothes. This is what Walker is doing. You are looking at a video of a police officer, under the power of an official who was elected because of a corporation’s money being funneled into his campaign, brutalizing a lawmaker.

When corporate interests are running the government as though it is their puppet, and the police are being used to enforce the government’s will, that is fascism. Here, in video evidence can you all can see a democratic lawmaker being unfairly treated by a police officer who is doing the will of a governor who was placed in power by the unfair influence of a corporation. This is, undeniably, fascism.

Normally, I would keep my mouth shut, but I cannot do it. Because I am a Jew. And my family had too many family members die in the Holocaust. And I cannot and will not forget the Holocaust or how it happened.

And I was raised in Memphis freakin Tennessee, home of racist shame, and I LOVE Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and deeply believe in his dream, because I have lived in the same room during college with a black woman who will always be my soul sister, and know these bastards stand against everything he believed in.

But more than that, I’m not afraid to stand up and say something, because I am in therapy for PTSD from a long-term relationship where I was abused, and my family has questioned me numerous times as to why I stayed and why I didn’t tell them. So I’m speaking up before it’s too late for all of us.

People do nothing when they are afraid.

Hell, we like to repress things! It makes life easier. That’s what the majority of folks in this country are doing, repressing that anything’s going on. Even when we have the Mother Jones article telling us straight up that as a country we are in denial about how much money we have, but we’ve got the Wall Street Journal letting us know that the politicians are in denial about how much we care about our relatives.

Calling Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Welfare entitlement programs instead of social insurance programs, is spin doctoring.

It suggests that the sick, the elderly, and the absolutely impoverished ought to not be entitled to any protections from society at all. Even if they were war veterans.

And that’s what’s happening right now. People all around us are dying. And the Super Rich, they’re living it up, while letting the underclass blame it on the “entitled”.

There’s my friend who is living with HIV who owes $1800 in federal taxes after bringing home $24,000 in unemployment to the Government who is living in a recovery-from-homelessness shelter (great new name for homeless shelter!) for 2 and a half months who has a bachelor of arts from UCLA. He’s been unemployed since June of 2009. He just got his notary public license and is kicking butt and taking names in trying to claw his way back to a regular life. He deserves a home like everyone else. A bedroom where he doesn’t have to listen to other people’s bullshit.

There’s me: not only college educated, but having a juris doctor – hit with MS, epilepsy, and PTSD – and the government expects that I’ll somehow live off of $600 after Medicare is taken out of my $758 that they awarded me — and I’m a LUCKY disabled girl.

Most people who are disabled don’t even get to suckle at the government teat. Check out the National Acadamy of Social Insurance – an independent organization from the government.

2010 was a very significant year for people who were very rich. It didn’t seem like it for the rest of us.

2010 was the year of the moritorium on the death tax. It was a good year to die.

2010 was also the year that they made it look, on purpose, like Social security was fucking up, when it really wasn’t.

and then there was this: The worst Supreme Court decision in American history.

When you allow corporations to have the same natural rights as actual *real* people, you give unlimited access to your courts and government to the governments and businesses and citizens of every other society on the planet.

The Supreme Court created the Fascist States of America in that decision, and we MUST find a way to fix this.

To be good, you must be honest. Corporations are not people. They should not have “certain inalienable rights.” Governor Walker is no Republican. He is a fascist acting as a dictator, and our democracy is in jeopardy in America.

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