Feria Hair Dye for less than half the cost? Super sweet! Here’s How!

One of the only good things I can say about the illnesses that I have is that they are invisible to the naked eye. Just looking at me, you wouldn’t guess there was a bunch of pain and yuck going on, so one thing that is important to me is trying to maintain looking at least as good as most of other ladies my age.

For me, that means dying the premature grey out, and keeping up a look that says, “I have pride in myself.”

But hair dye isn’t super-duper cheap, at least not the good stuff. And anybody who buys and uses box dye knows that if you’re a red-haired hair dyer, Feria reds are the strongest and longest-lasting pigment out there, and you’re used to the price fluctuating between $8 and $10 for it.

Today’s Los Angeles Times has a Red Plum insert that has 2 coupons in it from L’Oreal. One says Save $2.00 on any L’Oreal haircolor product and the other says Save $5.00 on any TWO L’Oreal haircolor products.

Clip both coupons.

Then grab the Walgreens circular. Walgreens will also have extra copies of this circular at the store in case you have to do this transaction in 2 transactions instead of one. (This may depend on your cashier.)

In this week’s Walgreen’s circular, there is a coupon for L’Oreal Feria or Root Rescue Hair Color, Limit 3, priced at $6.99.

Thus, using the Walgreen’s coupon and both of the coupons provided by L’Oreal, you ought to be able to purchase 3 boxes of Feria Hair Dye for $14 (2 boxes @ $6.99 – $5 = $9 + 1 box @ $6.99 – $2 = $5; $9+5 = $14).

This puts the cost of each box at about $4.67 — a significant savings!

I know that Red Plum and Walgreens are both nationwide, so even if you don’t get a the paper, check the websites!

To all you saucy and sassy ladies and gents out there in the world who are working hard, I hope I’ve helped you to look good and keep a bright attitude!

I wear red because it ties to my grandmother, who colored her hair red when she was going through chemotherapy for leukemia and was the kindest, strongest woman I have ever known, and to remind me of Carol Burnette and Lucille Ball who always make me laugh.

I hope this deal brings smiles to you like it did to me! 🙂

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