What’s in your pot?

Usually when I get existential, especially all the way down, the happiest answer I have found involved an Ancient Chinese tale about a child who received the gift of a plain clay pot from her grandmother.

The grandmother said that this pot would be her granddaughter’s finest gift, and so the granddaughter kept it and took very good care of it. Finally, on her deathbead, the grandmother asked the child how she had been enjoying the pot, and the child shrugged and said that she supposed it was okay to look at. The grandmother, with tears in her eyes, explained that a pot means nearly nothing if you do not know how to use it — if you never look inside of it, and that she felt had failed her granddaughter entirely.

The granddaughter said, “But Grandmother, it is so heavy!” and the grandmother replied, “That is because it is full.” and she passed away.

When the granddaughter got home, she opened the pot and found that it was full of coins.

Life is like a pot. There are times where it seems empty and meaningless, and it is at that time where it is up to us to fill it with meaning or to find the meaning that is already there but that we simply cannot perceive but that is right in front of us.

Our friends and our family members fill us up with love. We try to fill ourselves up with achievements and knowledge. But the unexamined pot is hardly a pot at all. đŸ™‚

So sometimes you won’t see the point. And that’s okay. If life had a point, we wouldn’t struggle and we all would be the same. There would be no advancements as a society.

Emptiness is just another way of your brain letting you know there’s opportunity for more fulfillment.

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