Big money to be saved in lactose-free milk! DIY and keep the change!

One bottle of Lactase Drops will remove the lactose from 12 gallons of milk. (So that’s how they do it!)

Each half gallon of lactose free milk at the grocery stores around town (at least here in Glendale, CA), costs between $3 and $4, making a gallon of lactose-free milk $6-8, whereas normal milk costs an average of $3 a gallon across California.

That sounds crazy, doesn’t it? I couldn’t believe there was such a significant difference in the numbers, so I figured that cost of the lactase drops would make up for it — but it doesn’t. Not even close.

Savings Comparison

Lactaid @ $3.50 per half gallon * 24 half gallons
+ CA 9.25% sales tax
= $91.77

Milk @ $3 per gallon * 12 gallons
+ CA 9.25% sales tax
+ Lactase Drops @ $17.95 plus shipping ($21.44 total)
= $60.77

An actual savings of $31 on milk! With no loss or negatives for us!

Adam and I usually go through at least 1 half gallon of milk a week, so that’s about 26 gallons a year, meaning that if we remove the lactose ourselves, we should stand to save about $100 a year!

Not too shabby when every bit counts. Not too shabby at all.

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