WalkMS 2011 – Be A Part Of It!

Yesterday was Adam and my first day of training for WalkMS 2011!

We got up and together walked Brisco around the block, which we did again today! Half a mile, each time. No seizures, no stopping! Adam even told me I was going at a good pace. I’m so totally proud of myself for that, it’s almost silly.

And as I type that, immediately I feel shame, like “half a mile is bullshit…” How can you feel pride over that tiny amount of distance? Especially not pride enough to blog about it…but then I remember that I could be laying in bed or sitting on the couch, doing nothing, like I have been doing: getting fatter and lazier, muscles atrophying, and not preparing for anything, and I allow myself to feel a sense of accomplishment again.

Resiliency is everything in life, not just MS and seizure disorder. Every time you get knocked down you have to remember to get back up. It’s time, now that I am able, to remind my body what it can do. Change is good!

Speaking of change: I’d like to see a change in my team!

We need people to come walk with us! Right now, Team SpinalTap is pretty small. It’s only comprised of Adam and myself. My friend Sarah D. is signed up, but she will probably not be able to make it to the race, so she is helping only as a fundraiser (which is fine, and which we at Team Spinal Tap LOVE!).

Click here to join Team SpinalTap!

Walk MS Greater Los Angeles

Sunday, April 3, 2011
7:45 am – Registration Opens
9:45 am – Opening Ceremonies
10:00 am – Official Start

Pasadena Rose Bowl
1001 Rose Bowl Drive
Pasadena, CA 91103

For more information
call 1.800.344.4867
or email – walkms@cal.nmss.org

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