Where have I heard that before…?

So I was reading an article today, "How Friends Matter To Your Brain," when I read the following passage,

"It turns out that the brain’s frontal midline, an area between the two hemispheres that is associated with socialization and the way you think about yourself, also shows a greater response from friends than strangers, even strangers with similar interests and lifestyles, said Fenna Krienen, graduate student at Harvard University and lead author of a new study on the subject.

"What we ended up finding is that closeness really seems to matter to these circuits in the brain much more than similarity," she said."

I had to chew on that for a moment because I could have sworn that that’s where I have 2 lesions. Time to look at my MRI report. I’d never considered looking up where my lesions are and how that may have affected me. Not that there’s any damn point to it, really – but if that’s what’s up, it might explain to me why, despite anti-depressants and a buttload of therapy, when life is going in such a *great* direction, I still battle with sadness or warped perceptions of myself that should not be there, where the only explanation can be the pain I consistently numb… and even though it’s definitely the real cause, I still blame the flu for us not having our honeymoon when I asked if we could go home. 🙂 Grr. With teeth. *sigh* Someday we’ll get to go somewhere together just the two of us, healthy-ish. *looks off into that brighter tomorrow* *smirk*
In lighter news, there’s a new oral MS Drug that’s testing at 31% reduction in relapses! Still not as good as Copaxone, unfortunately. Booo! Come on, Science! GET YOUR GAME FACE ON!!! Get me a pill that does BETTER THAN my shot. Pretty please, with sugar on top? 40% or higher! You’re only 9% away. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

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