10 Days Until the Wedding

10 days until the wedding, and today is the day that MS reminded me that I have some limitations. This past week, I’ve been go-go-go as though I were on the war-path against “all that which is-not-done”.

Who am I kidding? I *am* on the war path against all that which is-not-done. Sadly, today was the first day I really let myself down. I missed my 2nd fitting for my wedding dress because despite my pain meds & MJ, I am hurting all over today as though tiny creatures with fists the same size as those of an infant’s were punching me all over. I would say “meat grinder” but it’s not like that. I feel bruised all over. Tender.

Oh well, worse things have happened than a “day off.” At least I’ve gotten a lot of sleep, and Adam’s had a little downtime too. I have to listen to my body. I can’t force the funk!

Also, can you believe limo services want $250 to drive you 3 miles? That’s insane. For $250, I want the damn Ghostbusters vehicle or a Lambroghini. Otherwise, I hope we can do better. Seriously.

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