Stop! Thief!

So it rained early in the day in Glendale, just like I thought it would, and by 5 p.m. in Agoura Hills, it was sunny and beautiful for the wedding of duckierose and godofunder. It was, truly, one of the most beautiful and best weddings that I’ve ever been to because it showed the true character of them as a couple AND the cruelty/humor of the Universe at the same time.

You see, for his introduction music, godofunder chose the theme song to “Superman,” and while he was coming down the aisle, he was running, triumphantly, arms stretched above his head in the classic pose… that is, until he tripped. That’s right, folks. Rose’s strong, beautiful (and hilarious) Clark Kent look-alike groom fell and chipped his two his front teeth darn near in half about halfway through his entrance to the wedding. To the theme song for “Superman.”

And he still went to the front before the song was over to happily get married to the woman he loves. 🙂 Sure, he was bleeding. People helped him out. And when Rose got up there, it was her reactions to the situation (genuine laughter at the absurdity of the situation instead of a tantrum, kindness to the man who, while obviously in pain was smiling and even singing to her through it, a sweet reminder not to suck on his broken teeth because pictures are important and everyone will be taking them all day) and the way that they carried on together, lovingly, happily, and as a team for the next several hours that showed exactly why their marriage is meant to last.

It was at Rose and Or’s wedding and reception that I saw tons of friends that I haven’t really seen or talked to in the last couple of years because I haven’t been able to get out and socialize. I was actually shocked by the number of them who asked me how law school was going.

I graduated law school in May of 2008, which was 2 years ago. This was a *major* accomplishment for me, because I attained my juris doctor despite the fact that I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis during my 4th semester of the 6 semester program. I got the seizure disorder that made it so that I couldn’t hang out with anyone anymore or drive really on July 11, 2008. I remember the date because, well, you just do. You remember the date that you were admitted to a hospital and it was the last time you were allowed to drive. It was the day that my whole life changed forever.

But I realized that I never had a real party to celebrate me graduating law school because I went straight into bar prep mode. The plan was always to have a party when I was done taking the test. So there was/is this whole contingency of people that I used to be close to who I thought read my journal or my Facebook or were in touch with me, who apparently aren’t, who have let me know that I have failed to appropriately celebrate my accomplishments and share the good news with people who care about me but have lives off the computer.

Because if I could have graduated law school and taken the bar exam twice without people who are social friends even knowing about it, either I’m extremely quiet about it (uh no), they’re not paying attention (not everyone needs to be subscribed to my rss feed – I’m not that narcissistic.), or my life is simply eventless (hardly). The only other option is that MS, Seizure Disorder, and Arthritis conspired to steal even more of the joy from my life. (Much more likely. Those bitches!)

They were also surprised to hear that I moved back to Glendale. I guess that’s what I get for not throwing a Housewarming Party.

Thing is, I used to throw parties *all* the time. Seriously. It just takes effort and energy to clean the house and to entertain people… and to let yourself and your house be judged. And when you’re dealing with *multiple* chronic illnesses, energy (even the kind that comes in cans), isn’t easy to come by.

I miss Party Rae — that part of myself that used to be able to get buckwild and hang out with everyone at a party. I know she’s still in me. She wants out. She misses the life. It’s just an endurance thing.

I pretty much spent the whole wedding reception with electricia because I haven’t seen her in years and she has no online presence at all right now and I miss her like crazy. It was like someone from Memphis (who I never really hung out with in person back when I lived in Memphis, oddly enough) had flown in. It was good to talk with her because I we get one another on a couple of different levels, and sometimes that’s a rare thing. So I feel like I practically ditched a massive contingency of friends, which is uncool, but it is what it is. Time is a bitch goddess like that.

So, officially, to everyone not seated at table ManBearPig, my deepest apologies for not hanging out. Once I’m in a chair, I am a comfy, mostly happy girl. 🙂

Anyway, I’ve decided that I’m not going to let these illnesses take away any other big-deal celebrations. They might have stolen the law school graduation party because I thought it didn’t mean anything without a license (which is silly), but from here on out I’m harvesting joy like it’s a crop that’s goin’ out of season.

…and while I hate myself a just a little for having played enough Farmville to have written that, it doesn’t make it any less of a good idea. 😉

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