Oh joy! Another auto-immune disorder!

Well, boys and girls, we have another party member chowing down on the sweet, delicious buffet that is my body.

MS is eating my nervous system. Arthritis is eating my bones. Apparently, I am good noms!

The lumbar MRI showed that I’ve got arthritis on both sides of joints on my spine above my sacrum.


No, I’m not joking. I now have multiple sclerosis, hypertension, seizure disorder, and arthritis prior to the age of 30. Oh, and depression. šŸ™‚ But that last one is just technical. I think, all things considered, that I’m handling the whole thing well.

I’ve decided that it is a good thing! I never would have gotten an MRI that quickly if I didn’t already have MS, and besides that, arthritis has been around FOREVER, so they totally know how to treat that.

Because these maladies often cause physical comedy in my life, and an unfortunate amount of loud complaining that ends in simultaneous tears and laughter, I’ve decided that I want to channel Lucille Ball and Carol Burnette, and remain a sassy red-head for life.

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