I love my life.

I’m sitting here at 5:15 p.m. watching home movies of our first batch of foster kittens with our current 3 five-week old foster kittens sleeping (ok, walking) on me. If I haven’t preached the gospel of fostering kittens recently, I should do it again soon, or at least talk about how awesome it is for me because I love my babykitties. I need to be able to nurture and love on something, and these furbabies are all too happy to oblige. πŸ™‚

Anyway, I’m very happy to report that after 4 days of IV-SM, loads of sleep, lots of water, and some quality time with my parents and with Adam, I’m starting to feel a lot more like a human being.

I think sometimes by the time that I allow myself to say, “Ok, I think I might need drips.” I’m probably 2 or 3 weeks past where I ought to have let myself get drips*. It’s like, because MS is one of those remitting-relapsing diseases, I want to always believe that it’s going to just get better, but instead I just end up wearing Adam out for almost a month and causing myself to feel pretty awful for 2-3 weeks while I make good and sure that it’s not my imagination that I feel like crap. I really need to trust myself more when it comes to needing medical attention.

I also tend to forget just how tough it is for my body to deal with the sudden lack of corticosteroid in the system. I am so oversensitive – physically and emotionally. Fortunately, I have medication for that. πŸ™‚ I’m just gonna be REAL slow and be staying in the house. Nothing new.

SO! What’s next on the hit agenda, aside from a Brak Show marathon? (What can I say? I get in moods sometimes and if I’ve asked it once, I’ll ask it at least 10 times…. If you’re not watchin’ some Brak then how do you know you’re relaxed?)

Here’s What I’ll Be Doing With My Life For The Next Little While If I Have Any Say In It (Formerly Goals):

Learning to live a day-to-day-life, calmly, sanely, and in tune with my body
Planning the Wedding πŸ™‚
Being a good kitten foster mommy πŸ™‚
Learning Guitar
Getting Back in Shape as my body allows for it
Continuing to learn yummy, healthy cooking skills
Learning how to use my sewing machine, I hope! Anyone in the Burbank/Los Angeles area feel like teaching me a thing or two? πŸ™‚

I have had a few seizures since I started this post, but I think it says what I want it to. At least, it captures what I want to remember, which is that I’ve already scheduled an IV-SM drip for late August with my nurse as a prophylactic so that I will be in top shape for the wedding. At first, I thought it was so that I wouldn’t have a relapse come time for the wedding. I wonder if MS even works that way. Probably not, or we’d all be on steroids all the time. dee-dee-dee! I r smrt. πŸ™‚ And that’s my queue to stop writing. *lol*

* – “Drips,” for those who are not jive to the lingo, means getting corticosteroids via IV infusion over the course of 3-5 days. It’s what neurologists prescribe when you’re having an MS exacerbation.

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