I chose the icon because it has a knife in it, not for the shallots.

I just realized I have no “super pissed” icon userpic uploaded yet. I should fix that.

Today, I went to see Amy, my therapist of nearly 5 years, because I still haven’t started analysis (which she recommended strongly), and I have been having a rough go of things. I thought it might help to have a session. I was wrong. I was told that even if I paid her full fee each time, she would not be willing to help me with analysis or continue to work with me because she believes it would re-traumatize her. Essentially, she accepted me as an appointment, was about to happily take my money, and could offer me no assistance. I asked her how she could help and she asked me what insurance I had and she said she could pull up the site and help me find a new therapist. For $90/hr, I can do that on my own.

I walked out, and I didn’t pay. (Pay for what?) Then she left me a message on my cell phone talking about being worried that she needed to hospitalize me for suicidal behavior and that she needed me to contact her to promise that I wasn’t going to hurt myself, and then texted me the same, spelling my name wrong. I let her know that she needed worry, and that she spelled my name wrong. 5 years of spilling my guts and my darkest innermost thoughts and she can’t even spell my name.

I won’t be seeing her again.

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