I don’t know what it is about being out of town that makes me feel like I have permission to not check my email or post on the internet… but I barely even answer my cell phone or want to have contact with much of, well, anyone, really if they don’t have to do with the wedding.

It took one week to find the venue (apparently), one week to find out that it actually WAS the venue (since all the others we looked at did not out-do it, though 2 came very close!), and now we have 1 week until we go home.

1 week to do flowers, cake, DJ, photographer, etc.

Last night was fun. We went to do karaoke at a bar that was across the street from a WalMart and it was surprisingly awesome inside. The audience, however, was kinda odd. I got to go twice in a row because no one was signin’ up, so I did “So What” by Pink and “Fear” by Lily Allen. Last song of the night for me was “You Can’t Hurry Love” by the Supremes for Adam.

Wedding planning with this particular set of disorders is a trip. You’d think all the stress would cause me to have tons and tons of seizures, but oddly, I’ve had fewer seizures here in the last 2 weeks than I’ve had in a long time. I’m having more today, but that makes sense considering that the little pink pills that remind me that I’m a lady are comin’ in a day or so. You didn’t even have to look at me sideways this morning and I started crying. It was awesomely wrong. I laughed and cried at the same time earlier. It made me think of Mom. When the hell did this crap start?!? You got me… but I’m rolling with it.

My best girl, Jenny, called me tonight, and I got off the phone with her right away. It’s crazy how much I seem to hate the phone right now. Maybe it’s because at the moment, I’m never really alone. Not that I distrust anyone – just that I haven’t had any time to truly reflect. I’m very “in the moment” here, which is pretty fantastic in and of itself. 🙂

Then again, not being able to think in an organized fashion all the time isn’t awesome when you’re trying to really plan.

Oh woe is me. Life off my computer… so this is what it was like!!!! (sorta…) *lol*

Anyway, I’m tired. Running around after a soon-to-be niece on a playground and getting all worked up over the ideas of things that just simply aren’t true just simply will tucker a woman out.

What an awesome thing to post about, playing on the playground with the little one. 🙂 Sure, I had to sit down for a while, but it didn’t even used to be something I’d think about.

Overall, this has been a good trip so far. 🙂

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