Not sure how, but I’ve managed to luck out on the seizure front while I’ve been in Chicago!

I’ve been pushing myself pretty hard, walking a lot, actually, and despite the pressure of wedding planning driving me to that special kind of crazy that even I am ashamed to admit that I can be sometimes, there’s been more crying than there has been shaking — and Kleenex and hugs can take care of that.

Overall, things have been great, though. I got a fabulous wedding dress for a great price at the Brides Against Breast Cancer sale! We may have already found our venue, and I think we have something better than a wedding planner lined up in a couple of great, creative friends. Still, we haven’t gotten to check out florists or bakers or photographers or any of that… and it’s pretty much time to go home. And there are venues yet to be seen!

I swear, there are moments where life seems like I’m in the middle of a gyroscope and that I’m hanging on for dear life, simply because I have no idea which way is up, but fortunately, just like being in the middle of one of those, I know that I’m not about to hit anything dangerous anytime soon. I just might get a little sick at my stomach while I’m busy getting a new perspective on the world around me.

*deep breath*

I know this isn’t a great entry. I know I haven’t given you quality words in a while. I just can’t let you in right now, you great big world, you… except to say this….

Chicago has got to be the least MS-friendly area I can imagine. There are stairs everywhere. EVERYWHERE!

Did I mention everywhere? Because, yeah. That’s where they are.

Also, I officially admit to being totally converted to a Los Angeles girl. I asked the venues I went to whether or not they had a vegan option for my friends. When one of them showed me picture of a great big broccoli stalk with 2 baby carrots and a flower next to it, I busted out laughing and said that I wasn’t paying $45 a plate for an overcooked $1 stalk of broccoli, and that it hardly qualifies as vegan cuisine. They were actually confused AND OFFENDED. When I offered to send them vegan recipes, they were uninterested. They don’t think it’s possible to cook delicious food for vegans. They think it’s so unusual that they don’t need it.

I wonder what would have happened if I said I was a vegan bride. Or if, heaven forbid, I was still on the Swank diet and needed them to care for me that way! Geez, they could have lost an account! What then?!? WHAT THEN, HUH!?!?

Oh, Midwest… you make me laugh. 🙂 And you made me miss Los Angeles. Well done. *golf clap* 🙂

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