Hi there.

I don’t want you to think for a moment I’ve forgotten you, my darling readers. I haven’t.

In the last whirlwind of a month, I’ve seen every doctor I have, and I’ve spent most of my days between the couch and the bed, taking 2 naps a day, at least 200mg of Gabapentin every 4 hrs or so on top of your regular meds for the pain, wedding planning like a, well, bride, and spending far too much time on Facebook trying desperately to keep in the faintest of contact with everyone I care about, which, I might add, is far too many people for one person to try to genuinely and deeply care about, though not nearly as many as I will ultimately have come time to finally rest.

I got a really interesting email a few moments ago about a woman who is a mountain climber who also has MS. More details about that may or may not be coming. The funny thing is, her mission is exactly the kind of thing that I would make fun of out of snarkiness, but that is absolutely 100% admirable if it is truly her ambition. I cannot wait to hear more from her.

Tomorrow, I leave on a last-minute “oh-my-gosh-I-can’t-believe-Priceline-worked-like-that!!!” trip to Chicago to pick out a venue for the wedding with my dearest beloved – and to celebrate the heck out of my future mother-in-law’s 60th birthday. So, I really suppose I ought to pack.

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