Better something than nothing, I suppose

I have not posted, and honestly, it’s because I can’t get my thoughts straight. I’m doing too many things.

My thoughts are everywhere. The wedding. Healthcare reform. Crazy pain. Can’t get hungry. Almost always want to sleep. Netflix has become like net radio used to be, and really, that’s kind of cool.

I’m thinking of getting rid of our Dish and hooking a computer up to our TV. Why pay for Dish Network when I can pick something I know I’d rather watch on Netflix or Surf the Channel or Hulu or YouTube? It’d save us something like $70/month, so it seems like nothing but win from here, though I will miss rewinding live TV. It also means that wherever we live, we’re going to have to make sure we’ve got CAT5 and a wireless keyboard setup for the TV.

And really, that has nothing to do with anything that I intended to post on this blog. There’s so much fantastic info that I want to put here that I’ve aggregated but that hasn’t gelled into good posts.

Still, I’d rather tell you what I’ve really been thinking about.

How difficult it can be for people to see compassion in others when there is a difference of opinion in the way (or when) that the compassion ought to be shown.

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