You know, excitement feels a lot like anxiety when you’re trying to sleep.

I had a freakin great day yesterday.


I hung out with Jenny almost all day. I had minimal difficulty getting around Target and Marshall’s with her. She got a Fur-Real friend for Bryce that made me laugh out loud. Then I was by her side while she took care of some business, and I actually was able to write out a reasonable “How to be Alive” routine that I think might help pretty much anyone.

The only down spot was that I had to have Adam bring me home when I thought I was gonna be able to watch his softball game because my body wasn’t handling the cold – but even THAT turned out well because I was able to take part of that time and speak with Poppy without Adam around, who was kind enough to offer to help pay for the wedding.

So really, HONESTLY, yesterday couldn’t possibly have been better.

So why have I been awake for 2 hours in the middle of the night with anxiety? I seriously cannot sleep.

First, I couldn’t stop looking at locations for possible ceremonies. Then, I couldn’t stop thinking about who we needed to invite. Then, I was stuck in a “I’m never caught up on Facebook” loop of trying fruitlessly to catch up on that service.

Oh snap.


This is a GOOD anxiety! *lol*

I am so used to being worried that I didn’t realize that I ran in here in the middle of the night like a girl who can’t wait for it to be the next morning so she could start planning more. 🙂

I’d feel like a total dork about this, if not for the fact that realizing that I was/am just excited totally calmed me down and made me laugh at myself. And yawn, big time.

Sometimes my perspective is just warped. I think when I’ve woken up at 3:30 am from a foot that won’t stop twitching and my big flip out is “I can’t calm down!!! zomgWHY!?” and the answer is, “You’re too happy/excited.” It’s an okay problem to have. 😀

I think I can handle this one. 🙂

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