I think I can… I think I can…

Yesterday, I managed to work through some of the worst cog-fog I have ever had.

Seriously! I told Adam that there was no way I was going to be able to absorb anything, and that studying was useless. He said that’s fine. Study anyway and see what sticks.

The man’s a fucking genius.

I mean, he’s not. That’s basic idiot-proof “How To Get Ahead In Life 101” – it’s like the MAGNUM OPUS of instructions on how to achieve. It’s the answer to getting past all anxieties and fears and past every problem you have and every obstacle.

Just do it.

Don’t think about it. Don’t give the reason’s you can’t or that you should or that you shouldn’t or consider the way it should be done or shouldn’t be done or whatever. Don’t worry about whether you’re doing it right or wrong. Just do it.

So, you did it when you had cog fog. Great. It took longer, but guess what? It’s done. You did it. When you think, “Did I do that?” The answer is yes. Finished! Off the list!

That’s the beauty of life. The only way you can be SURE that a disability will hold you back and stop you from doing something is if you let it stop you from even attempting it. So, cog-fog or not, pain or not, seizures or not, I keep on chugging along.

This morning I’m not so hot. Lots of pain in my wrists, ankles, back, neck, and knees – and I’m hit real hard with fatigue. Fortunately, I’m not having many seizures at all. So, I’m on 200mg of Gabapentin, a 5 hr energy, and a goodly amount of CA legal herbal supplement in an effort to continue to study. I thank God that I live where I do, or I couldn’t work today.

Anyhow, Adam just brought me breakfast. (I love that man!!!) I’m going to go enjoy that and get back to business. I’m not about to wimp out now.

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