I Can’t Remember…. Is Topamax Working For Me?

Today, I had an appointment with my seizure specialist, Dr. S.

With the number of seizures that I had throughout the day, I have to wonder what the Topamax is doing. Then again, I’m fairly certain I’m still fighting off some kind of infection, which can cause seizures all on its own, the same way it can cause MS pseudoexacerbations. I’d say that it’s like it’s adding insult to injury – but it’s like adding injury to injury. Feh.

At any rate, the doc made a good point when he said he didn’t see that Topamax was helping me out a whole lot more than Lamictal was, you know, other than NOT causing me to have horrible mood swings and suicidal compulsion. In my mind, that makes Topamax better than Lamictal. He said at no meds, I was at 228 seizures a day – and I’m self-reporting at around 20-28 a day now.

The thing is, my seizure disorder acts just like an MS symptom. It flares when it wants to. If I’m too hot, if I’m too stressed, if my body just happens to feel like it…who the hell knows… it’s freakin Multiple Sclerosis…

So, anyway, we’re strongly considering switching me to a new medication (again!), but, again, we will be waiting until after I’ve taken the exam. (This is all too familiar…) It takes 2 months to swap over seizure medications….

I have so much more to say about this, but I am way too tired tonight. I just know it’s been some time since I last updated. I’m a little overwhelmed with seizures, getting over this cold, starting the Swank diet, organizing my studies for the bar exam, and, well, life in general.

I promise a better entry tomorrow.

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