Wii Did It!

Adam really wanted a Wii. Apparently, he’s been wanting one since it came out, and the fact that I suddenly wanted one even a little was enough to put it over the edge. (Who knew?)

When we realized 1.) that it would increase the percentage of all of the Amazon purchases made through me for the month considerably (to the point that the New Super Mario Brothers game would essentially pay for itself), 2.) that I remembered that we can download and play 2 player Dr. Mario, and 3.) that it also means we get to play games online with friends all over the world, my resistance to purchase the thing that would make me happiest was broken.

Sure, the bed makes more sense in the, you-spend-1/3rd-of-your-life-in-it way. But we also would have had to buy sheets and a new blanket and all that. Right now, we have a very comfy setup, even if it is small.

As for the couch, we didn’t blow our entire wad, and I have some ideas on how to comfy it up… involving pillows and memory foam.


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