“To Wii, Or Not To Wii?” – That Is The Question

For my birthday, Chanukkah, and Adam’s Christmas present, all wrapped into one, my parents have given us a sum of money, so that we could either get a new couch (ours is getting worn out) or a new bed (2 adults sleeping together on a full sized mattress is doable, and not uncomfortable, but also not spacious).

But then, this weekend, I spent a good deal of time playing around with my parents new Wii and the Wii Fit balance board, and I got this crazy idea in my head about getting one for us so we could play games and have fun and get fit too, and even play games with my folks over the internet on their Wii. The best part is, working on my balance and doing games on the Wii Fit balance board would really be the kind of stuff to help me out with MS-related balance problems too, and give me and Adam a constant way to have fun new ways to work out at home – not to mention all the fun games we could play that have nothing to do with working out.

I asked Mom and Dad how they would feel if we used the money to get a Wii and Wii Fit instead, and they said, “It’s your birthday/Chanukkah/Christmas money! Do what you want with it!”

And yes, I do realize if we get the Wii, we’ll be sitting on the worn out couch to play it…

Don’t get me wrong. This is half Adam’s decision too, but before this weekend, I was all about getting a new couch. And now I might want a video game system. And I might be using MS to justify it to myself. *lol* Messed up, but true.

Edit: Also, if I buy the Wii and all the games through Amazon, I’ll get money back, since I’m an affilliate – so I essentially get 10% back.

What do you think makes the most sense?

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