Thank you, Michelle!

Thank you, Michelle at Healthcare Partners Arcadia!

She put through the referral as soon as she got it, and some IV Solumedrol is on its way to me.

Anthem Blue Cross didn’t do anything wrong. The assistant at UCLA just faxed them the request instead of sending it to my HMO. Gotta send the request to the right people to get the money you need. That’s nothin new.

My pain isn’t nearly as bad as it has been, and after sleeping mostly through yesterday and this morning, I at least have a little of my own energy, which is nice.

If I had more energy and less pain, I would dance at the news, but since I can’t, I feel justified in needing the drip still. 🙂

…and you know – that’s one of the things about MS that is maddening – the trying to convince yourself that it’s all in your mind, but it’s so not. I just think, for a girl who hated needles so much growing up, that it’s hilarious that I’m so excited about medicine coming to the house. You’d think I was getting a visit from a long-lost friend.

Maybe I should shower or something. *lol* Emphasis on the “or something.” I’d fall if I were to try and shower right now, and a bath would make my symptoms worse. Still, the level of stink on me is unacceptable. Yes, these are the things that people with MS think about.

Sexy, no?

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