Rampages of DOOM.

Back in the day, when I was in high school, I used to like to joke about going on massive rampages of doom… You know, Godzilla-style. As in, RAE-SMASH!!!

I’d like to imagine that with all my teen angst and fury, I could stomp the city I was living in, leaving everyone in a the wake of my anger and confusion. This was, of course, usually accompanied by everyone’s favorite monthly visitor and was just as easily avoided with Ben and Jerry’s Chubby Hubby ice cream and a good long cry.

Unfortunately, the MS and seizure disorder combo does not work the same way.

See, I finished the oral steroid pack yesterday and I am still hurting. Granted, I’m not hurting NEARLY as much. I’m not spontaneously crying from the pain. I’m not having seizures every 3-5 minutes. So there’s something.

But I’m not done treating the relapse because I’m still hurting so badly that the pain makes me want to vomit or not eat, and frankly, I’m tired of forcing myself to eat when I don’t want to. I’m overweight. I can afford to shrink for a few days, thanks to disease.

Thing is, you can’t really go on massive rampages of doom unless you have energy. And you can’t make energy unless you eat.

So, now that things are better, I’m going on stronger drugs. I’m NOW going on IV steroids.

What’s THAT? you say? Stronger drugs would have made sense when I was hurting so badly I wanted to die and thought that life wasn’t worth living because I was hurting so much? WOWOWEWOWWOW! That’s what ***I*** thought too. But no, apparently we save STRONG drugs for when the weak ones don’t do the trick.

If my spirit weren’t tired too, it would want to go on Rampages of Doom right now over this. Instead, like the rest of me, it just wants to go back to bed too.

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